Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Accurate and Painless

Imaging systems for breast cancer diagnosis, with unprecedented tumor visibility, accuracy and patient comfort.


Our Background

About GratXray

GratXray is an ETH and PSI spin-off company

GratXray is an innovative medical technology company that develops, manufactures and markets systems based on phase contrast enhanced X-ray imaging. Our worldwide patented method is ideal for soft tissue imaging as it provides unprecedented density contrast and tissue differentiation in low absorbing tissue. We focus on applications where classical X-ray systems fail or provide unsatisfactory results.

Our first application using this new platform is breast cancer imaging, which we are addressing with the development of a Grating Interferometry Breast Computed Tomography (GI-BCT) system. With this true 3D volumetric approach, we will enable more accurate detection of breast tumors without the use of contrast agents. The breast can be measured without compression, which massively improves patient comfort.


One-Stop Solution for Breast Cancer Imaging

Unprecedented contrast
Unprecedented contrast

Excellent visibility of all tumor types with improved lesion delineation and tissue separation.

No tissue overlaps (3D)
No tissue overlaps (3D)

Accurate diagnosis even in women with dense breast tissue, thanks to true 3D images.

No breast compression
No breast compression

Improved patient comfort. Inconvenient breast compression is no longer required for measurement.

No contrast agent
No contrast agent

Less side effects. Our high-contrast method eliminates the need for contrast agents.


Home Core Team

Experienced Core Team

The core team of GratXray is formed by a strong team of Co-founders, Executives and Board of Directors, embodying scientific and industry know-how, but also managerial and start-up experience with previous successful medical device company sales/exits background.

GratXray AG
5234 Villigen
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